Are there still pple writing blogs?

26 06 2014

I’m really wondering. Are there people still writing blogs? I mean now that social media has already gone in “light speed”, who will still be writing (and reading) blogs? There’s twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… But I think sometimes the blog page is still a good place to “express” oneself. 

So it has been eons since I last wrote something here. 2 years plus I think. Much has happened since. And I really mean much. Of all the things that have happened, one thing changed my life forever – the passing of my mom, affectionately known as Hippo to many who knows me. She has left me. Forever. It was still very surreal till this day, more than 3 months since she passed on. I have always been ranting about her on my blog. Always. But in the end, I actually wished she didn’t leave me in this manner. It was sudden. Way too sudden and unexpectedly. But seeing her “go” peacefully does made feel better. She left really peacefully and quietly. No pain. No hurt. 

I’ve promised Hippo I will live life to the fullest henceforth. I will take good care of my family. I will help to bond my family with all my relatives. In the past, I couldn’t do all these. Now, I hope to be able to catch up with all my relatives, especially my cousins. And I wanna travel the world with my family, which I did last month to Hong Kong. It’s really amazing to have a bonded family. 

The other thing that happened in my life was my graduation from my Diploma studies. I have so many people to thank for those wonderful and amazing 3 years in Temasek Poly. I think I have done so in my Facebook, but I still wanna thank all those who have came into my life during the 3 years in poly. So now I’m back to work.


It’s been that long huh??

22 04 2012


I have forgotten how long I have not been blogging. Too long. Hahaha~ Yes I was busy. Really busy. With school. With exams. With life. With Family. With Kobe. With Nigel. With Casper. With the ticks crawling around in the house. With Hippo. With my cranky PC occasionally. With camps. Yes! Camps!! Hahahahah!!!

When was the last time I went for a school camp? Hmm… I think it was in Sec Sch? And that was between 1986-1990. Most of my poly school mates weren’t even born yet! Hahahaha~ But the wonderful feeling hasn’t changed much. I felt so youthful once more! Ahem… Yeah, I’m trying to be young all over again, Can?! Cannot ah?! U never say… LOL~

So I volunteered myself for Temasek Poly Engine School’s April Orientation committee as a Diploma Head Sub-comm. What’s a Diploma Head?? Well, actually we are the guys who make sure the program flow for the entire Orientation Week goes smoothly. I have seen for my first time how such events were run by students themselves. The lecturers were just there as an advisory role. And it was amazing… I feel proud to be able to contribute. If u ask me will I do it again next year? It will be a definite YES! Cos I wanna make a difference to the lives of the freshmen. I know I can. Engine Oi~ =D

Life as a étudiant

6 12 2011

CCN_Day_Nov11-223, originally uploaded by Lobinhoot.

I have to say I did not disappear for the past 6 months. I’m still alive and active. Haha~ Actually, alittle too active in my school’s activities. Ok, ok. Maybe its an excuse not to blog. =( Ok. i am lazy. LOL~ Anyway, the past 6 months have been the most exciting time in my school – Temasek Polytechnic.

I was asked to be involved in my school’s 20th anniversary’s celebrations organising committee. My video and photo know-hows were what got me involved in the committee. And I think I did make alittle impact in the success of the event. Temasek Poly’s Engineering School celebrated her 20th anniversary on 25 Nov 2011 with 2 Singapore Record Breaking events – The most number of pple doing “jumping-jacks” and the most number of pple sucking on a lollipop. A total of 1,400+ students from Temasek Poly’s Engine School helped to make history in Singapore. =)

Another awesome thing happened in September 2011. =) On the 10th of September 2011, I took part in my 4th Canon Photomarathon and won something! =D It was an awesome feeling to win. =) I was reading my previous post in 2006 when I took part in my first Canon Photomarathon and realised how many years have passed since my maiden competition. This year, I won in the Student Category of the 3rd Theme – “Imagine”. I took a photo of Kobe at the steering wheel of my car! He gave me the most unassuming and brightest smile! It was awesome!

I am rather proud of my first semester’s results too! I scored many 6As and 1B. Cool? hahah~ I got a GPA of 3.82. Not bad for an uncle my age eh? And I am taking French as my CDS (Cross Disciplinary Studies). Bonjour~ Je m’appelle Tommy. J’ai Trente Huit ans~ Je suis Singapourien~ J’habite Tampines~ J’etudie a Temasek Polytechnic~ Je suis marie. J’ai duex enfants~ J’ai duex fils~ =D Not bad eh? Hahaha~ ok, lah. I copied those phrases from my French Lecture notes. =P LOL~ I am also teaching Kobe how to speak basic french. And guess what? He has gotten the hang of it and will greet me “Bonjour” in the morning~ =D

I am right now in still in school. Its almost 10pm now. I’ve got a French test tmr and was studying for it just now. Am gonna head back home very soon. =) This semester’s topics ain’t that easy. I hope I could maintain my GPA but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Wish me luck. Bonne Chance~

Its a Grand Old Team to play for!

23 06 2011
Toffees@LionCityCup11-103, originally uploaded by Lobinhoot.

When was the last time any Everton team ever came to Singapore for a football match? According to my good friend, and fellow Toffee supporter, it was way back in the 1970s. That’s really a long time ago. Well, I wasn’t supporting Everton in the 1970s. I was just borned, in 1973 to be exact. But ever since I laid my eyes on footie on TV, there was only one club in the world that I will be supporting – EVERTON FC.

It has been awhile now since Singapore hosted the Lion City Cup, a football tournament for the youth team to pit their skills with teams from around the world. And so this year, it has been organised once again! And to my surprise, though I won’t be complaining, Everton FC was invited to send their youth team here to compete. =D Much to the delight of the 120+ Evertonians in Singapore. (I got the figure from the “Singapore Everton Supporters’ Club” fanpage on facebook). We may be a minority group in Singapore who support Everton, but I was sure the crowd at the Jalan Besar stadium on wednesday during the match against the Singapore U-16s could hear us loud and clear when we sang “Its a grand old team to play for”. And I never felt better singing that song with the top of my voice in public (the last time I sang it was at home while watching Everton play on tv).

We needed to win in order to progress in the tournament, but we only managed a 1-1 draw. And so we were knocked out. But the lads were really playing their hearts out. It was great to see the “future” of the Everton FC team in Singapore. And it was a great honour to have shook their hands and taking some memorable photos as well. In a couple of years to come, I am sure some of the lads will be in the senior team. And I will be singing the song in the comfort of my home as the blue half of merseyside play on saturday. Thank you, lads! For shwoing great sportsmanship and professionalism at such a young age! Good job!

Nothing has changed…

4 05 2011

Kobe with Ronald at Changi Terminal 2.

Its been close to 3 months now, since Hippo has shifted/downgraded from her 5-room HDB flat at Bedok Reservoir to a 3-plus room HDB flat at Marsiling Drive. So what has changed since her decision to downgrade and shift? Well, she initially wanted to get a new Filipino Maid, instead of her usual Indonesian one. And becos of her language barrier with the Filipina, there were quite some issues resulting in her NOT wanting the Filipino maid. So did I save abit on that portion? Yes and No. She still demanded more $$. An increase of $300 from her usual monthly allowance of $1000. And so its now $1300 into her own pocket. Again, this sum doesn’t include her handphone bill, house phone bill, Power Utility bill, Star hub Cable TV bill, just to name a few. So you tell me, what has changed?

Just today, she buzzed me on my mobile and complained to me about her being tired from household chores, etc. And then she wanted to buy this $4,000+ mattress or bed, which apparently will make her better from her diabetic and high blood pressure situation. Do you believe in such mattress?? And she OFFERED to use her allowance to offset the monthly instalments of $206 for the payment of the mattress using my credit facilities. Will I fall for that trap again?! I remember not too long ago, this same mom asked me to purchase a set of Hi-Fi system for the home and also wanted to OFFER to offset the payment with her allowance. And what happened? After 1, 2 months she started accusing me of not giving her enuff $$ for her allowance. Hello?! I did not ask to buy that Hi-Fi set? It was a terrible experience for me. I will never believe her words.

It did not end there tonite. She started bringing things up to lecture me, my wife and my son. Yes, my 20-month-old son. She has been complaining non-stop about why Kobe is behaving so badly. Why is he always opening drawers, cupboards, and taking out CDs from her CD racks? I did try my utmost to stop Kobe from doing all those, but he is apparently too active and full of energy. If you ask me, I’d rather my boy is a lively and active lil boy. I will not want him to be sitting still and slouching on the sofa keeping silent. That will worry me. But according to Hippo, Kobe is naughty. Too naughty for her liking. And she blames me and my wife for not bringing him up properly. And I did something too terrible tonite. I shouted at Kobe. =( He cried. I think I frightened him just now. It hurts me. Thoroughly pains my heart to see my boy cry becos of me falling into Hippo’s trap!

And with that, I have to travel all the way from Tampines to Marsiling to help her vacuum and mop her floor. And to buy her dinner. I’m not saying I should not be doing all these, but I think she should not be “holding on” to me. I know she is ultimately my mom. But I think I have my own life to live too. When I was there at her place just now, she kept complaining about how Kobe has damaged her nice and beautiful floor tiles with his toy cars. What kind of a Grandma is she?! I am sure she will say that she bought Kobe his car seat and walker. But you mean you have to be so calculative as a Grandma? It disappoints me, really. I told her straight in her face just now that I will not be brining Kobe to visit her in the near future. For fear that he may damaged her floor tiles further. And again I wanna emphasize this point – There is no more love, just a duty.


20 03 2011

XBF_IX-3886, originally uploaded by Lobinhoot.  Me outside Cape Town Stadium in South Africa.

AYOBA!! Its an Afrikaan slang for Joy, Amazement and all things happy! Though I’ve been missing from posting my blogs, please rest assure that I am fine and well. Very alive and always kicking! Hahha~ Ok, I was away from blogging for a long, long time now. October 2010 was the last post I did. Yes, I have been very busy with alot of stuffs. So much so I didn’t have any time to type anything on my keyboard for my blog. I don’t even have time to play my favourite game – Company of Heroes!  So what have I been doing the past few months?? Read on…

November 2010 was spent in Australia having Exercise Wallaby, the SAF’s “ritual” trip down-under. The last time I was there was ub 2007 and most things did not change abit. I had a wonderful time there. But when we returned from Rockhampton, news of the terrible flood broke my heart alittle. Seeing pictures of the devasted land I once stepped on left a “weight” on my heart.

December 2010 was busy preparing for the South Africa trip and some local training. And of cos, there was the annual Xmas Bash at the Sins. It was yet another awesome gathering where friends meet up, eat and be merry! That was a season to be jolly~

January 2011 was rather hectic as I helped Hippo prepare some of her stuffs for her house-moving operations. She finally decided to move from a 5-room flat to a smaller 3-room flat. And this time, its not in the eastern part of Singapore. She chose Marsiling, somewhere north of Singapore. In fact, its just beside the causeway. And there’s the usual Chinese New Year prep as well.

February 2011 saw me setting off for my South Africa trip. It will be my last overseas’ trip until 3 years later perhaps. Why so? Cos I have finally managed to secure my Diploma Sponsorship from the SAF! I was overwhelmed! Thrilled to the max! Finally! Yes! I’ve been applying for the sponsorship since 2007 but each time, I was not given the chance. Until this year, my boss really prepared me well for the interview and I think I did well. So for the next 3 years, I will be embarking on a new journey as a student. A polytechnic student at Temasek Polytechnic in Tampines. =)

I just got back from Capetown not too long ago and I’ve until 15 April before I leave my current unit for school. I’m excited. About school, of cos! Hahahaha~ But I’m also excited that I will have more time to spend with Kobe! =D My little boy has just turned 19-months. He’s still not talking our language but he knows what we’re saying. =) If u asked for a “High-Five”, he will gladly give it to u. And just tonite, he did his “flying kiss”. =) I think Kobe is just trying to learn and keep all his knowledge with him. Charmaine says he is acting cool. =) We’ll see. But for now, I will be busy preparing for my school and hopefully I have more time to blog when I go to school.

Its Amazing…

28 10 2010

Kobe@14mths-35, originally uploaded by Lobinhoot.

Why is it amazing? Well… It’s definitely so, watching this boy of mine grow each day. =) Ok, maybe I am not watching him grow every day. But I am sure he is growing up as each day passes. There’s so many amazing things Kobe does. He has learned to wave “bye bye”, giving “Hi Fives” and shaking his head vigourously. Although the last “trick” I suspect he learned from Casper (my shih tzu). Haha~

In a week’s time, I will be away from home for close to 3 weeks. This will be the first time I am away from Kobe for a period more than 5 days. The last “seperation” was due to “Eh Eh Oh”… =P I’m feeling alittle… ermm… *choking on my throat*… hmm… Oh well… I think I’ll be fine. =) He’s in good hands with my Mom-in-law and wifey. The 2 person on this earth I trust the most.

I was watching “Hurt Locker” on DVD just tonite and I have to agree that it was indeed an Academy Award Winning movie. Never has a war-movie been so real, since “Black Hawk Down”. I’m a soldier. And it set me thinking after watching the movie. 

“Will you be able to squeeze the trigger when you are called upon to do so?”

“Will you be able to take aim faster than your adversories and take him down before he takes you down?”

We’ve always been training and training. And when called upon, we must be able to put into practise what we were  trained for. There’s a chinese saying that goes “养兵千日用兵一时”. Which translates to “Training an Army for a thousand days, but using them only at a vital time”. We cannot neglect the training we do each day, for we may never know when we will be called upon to put them into use. Work harder, Tommy. Work harder…